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12 August 2015 @ 11:30 pm
Redefining Yourself  
I have decided that I need to leave my comfort zone. I just don't want to be this person that everyone thinks is too obliging, too compliant, or too timid. This means that I can't continue to play it safe. The implications of this is that if I do graduate Spring 2016, I will try my hardest to join the Peace Corps or a similar program. If I do not graduate this Spring, I will study abroad this Summer. I just can't keep making decisions that are driven by the implications of money. Obviously money matters.. a lot. But it should not dictate all of my dreams. And I think I would really benefit from and even enjoy some traveling. Something adventurous. Something maybe even spontaneous and out of character.
tee1itee1i on August 14th, 2015 01:13 am (UTC)
YES YES! Do something spontaneous like, I don't know, move to Chicago and go to school here while serving underprivileged people as your job! It just depends what your desires and your aspirations are. Don't just let dreams be dreams! I am excited to see what your next move is? Possible another country?